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December 15, 2012
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"And that's how it works! Now if I'm on a cyber mission, you can see me." BEN smiled. He was showing his friend and roommate Jeff his new computer equipment. "So, if you get worried, you can see what's going on."

"And why would I be worried about you?" Jeff questioned.

"Because you love me." BEN said in a very child-like voice, nuzzling his head against Jeff.

"Oh, shut up." Jeff laughed and pushed the strange boy away. "Anyway, I gotta go. See ya later." Jeff slipped on his white hoodie and grabbed his knife. "Be careful using that stuff." He said on his way out the door.

"I knew you loved me!" BEN laughed.

"Shut up, BEN." Jeff called from the hallway. BEN spun around in his chair for a while. Jeff was being sent on a special assassination mission with Masky and Hoodie, and wouldn't be back for a week. BEN stopped spinning when he saw the Operator flicker on his screen. BEN slipped his headset on. "What's up, Masky?"

"You've been called for a mission to the Cyber World."


"I know you hate the Cyber Proxies, but your the only one with the skills to travel to them."

"Yeah, yeah. I got it. I'll take care of it."

"Alright then. Come to Master's chamber first. Masky out." The Operator disappeared from the screen.

"Gah! I don't wanna go to the Cyber World!" BEN growled. "Oh well." He sighed. "Might as well get it over with..." BEN grabbed his bag and headed to Slender's chamber.

BEN knocked on Slender's door and walked in. He was kind of surprised to find that not only Slender was there, but Masky was there as well. "Hey, weren't you going on a mission with Jeff and Hoods?"

"I was going to, but there has been some glitches in the system that I need to take care of."

"I see. What do ya need, boss?" Slender looked down at BEN. He did not seem happy.

"BEN, when you went on your last mission, did you bother checking your area before you killed your target?"


"Because you were seen!"


"By someone from your homeland!"


"If you don't take him out, there's a chance that he will report where you are and bring people after you. And that would be bad not only for you, but for us all. Now, you are going to fix your mistake. Now go."

"Alright." BEN ran out with no arguments. He screwed up big time, and he knew it.

"Masky, go into the monitor room and make sure he gets there."

"Yes, sir." Masky bowed his head and ran out.

BEN ran to his room, Masky ran to the monitor room.  BEN slipped through the computer.

"Make sure you use your silver disguise." Masky said through his headset.

"Right." BEN jumped from system to system. Something flashed, causing BEN to turn his head. "Hmm...?" He shrugged his shoulders and continued on.

But Masky saw something different form his end. The computer screen flickered black and red. If you looked close, you could see a face in it. "Oh Zalgo....That can't be good..."
A new story I've been writing :iconjeffthekillerlaplz: hope y'all like it! :heart:

:iconjeffthekillerplz: and :iconbendrownedplz: - Creepypasta

:iconslendermanplz: and :iconmaskyplz: - Marble Hornets
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