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December 6, 2012
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"Man, what a day..." Jeff yawned. His white hoodie was soaked with blood from his recent kill. He had just completed an important mission and was exhausted. It was hard for him because his partner was sent on a different mission than him this time. Every one of Slender's Proxies had a partner. Masky had Hoodie, Jack had BOB, and Jeff had his best friend, BEN.

Jeff walked into the Proxy mansion, and up to the room that him and BEN shared. He remembered when he was forced into his own room, and was considered 'too dangerous' to leave it at all. Jeff took off his blood-soaked hoodie and put on a plain black shirt. All of the others were either asleep or on late-night missions, so he was all alone. He got bored, so he decided to go on BEN's computer.

Jeff started up the computer and browsed the internet, avoiding the files that said 'private'. He really didn't want to know what was so private about them. After about an hour of web surfing, the computer began to glitch.

"What the hell?!" Jeff growled. "This computer blows!"

"Then why are you on it?" A warped voice called, making Jeff jump. "Seriously, what are you doing?" Jeff looked around.


"Hello!!" A head suddenly came out through the computer screen. Startled, Jeff fell back oof of the chair. "Well...that was uncalled for."

"Damn it, BEN!!" Jeff yelled. The red-eyed cherub laughed and slipped out of the computer.

"Oh, calm down." BEN crouched down so that he was face-to-face with Jeff. "How was the mission?"

"It was fine. Now get out of my face. It creeps me out when you do that." BEN moved so that Jeff could get up. Jeff stood and brushed off his pants. "And how did your mission go?"

"Eh, it was okay. Telling things to that creepy  boy is bothersome. Especially with that pink fairy thing that follows him." BEN sat on his bed. His usual job was to travel through the computer system to find and report information to the cyber Proxy, Gold. Jeff wouldn't say anything, but Gold creeped the hell out of him as well.

"Well, at least it wasn't Red or Crystal this time." Those two cyber Proxies were even freakier. Jeff shut down BEN's computer and sat down on his bed. "I'm going to sleep. I'll report to Slendy in the morning. Goodnight." He said, laying down. Jeff used to have to sleep with a mask on, but was now a master at sleeping with his permanently open eyes revealed.

"Alright..." Ben sat there. "....Jeff?" He said, about after five minutes. "....." BEN floated over to his sleeping friend. He climbed into the bed and curled up next to Jeff. "Goodnight..."
A new story I\'m working on. I\'m having trouble with the others, but I\'ll get to them ASAP. this one is :iconbendrownedplz: x :iconjeffthekillerplz:
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gaarasdemonickitty Feb 27, 2014  Student Artist
ok me and my friend have read this chapter and have posted it on youtube here is our link
Senpai12341 Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
That is awesome XD Thanks for this
gaarasdemonickitty Feb 27, 2014  Student Artist
your welcome
xxxBBlueBerryxxx Feb 14, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
Hwohw that last part zaaaaaaaaamn
very nice so far. 

LitleSlend Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Life's fun when you're a shipper.
YokoKitsune13 Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That is just freakin hilarious man! I love when that happens!
Oakwyrm999 Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer're right... That is funny! I hadn't even noticed, guess school's got me a bit stressed. Thanks for the laugh.
YokoKitsune13 Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Your welcome and dont worry school's a bastard that like giving everybody massive brain damage....and then they say school is good for you....
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