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January 4, 2013
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Jack bounced up the stairs, a tray with two plates of food in his hands. He was bringing Jeff and BEN their dinner. Jack placed the tray on a table and knocked on the door. Not hearing an answer, he walked in. Jack took two steps in and stopped. A huge smile formed behind his mask, seeing Jeff asleep with BEN in his arms. If he could speak, Jack would be congratulating the two on their love. Since he couldn't, he just jumped up and down for joy. Jack turned and took the tray inside and placed it on a table. Giving one last smile, Jack turned and walked out.

"They eating?" Masky walked over and looked in as Jack closed the door. Masky grinned and snickered. Soon, he was laughing. 'Oh my Zalgo!! They really ARE like that! Hah!!" He looked over at Jack, and froze. "Eh...Jack?"

Jack let out a very loud, very high pitched hissing noise. The noise caused Masky to almost fall over.

"Damn it, Jack! I'm sorry, Okay?!" He said, covering his ears. Jack headed for the stairs, and pulled Masky along with him. He was not pleased. "H-hey! Jack! Whoa, wait!" Masky complained, as Jack pulled him down the stairs.


"I can't take this..." Jane said, her voice shaky. She was in a 'special room' that The Observer had set up for her. The room was completely dark, covered by shadows. Every time she said something cruel or threatening, shadows would reach out and tie her to the roof. When Jane was told that she'd be leaving for some 'reforming', she never expected this. And she thought Masky and Hoodie were twisted! "Let me out, dammit!" Jane shouted. "I'll kill you all!" As soon as she said those words, she regretted it. Jane shrieked as shadows crawled out of the floor and tied her down.

"Please...Help me..." She whispered as she began to cry.


BEN opened his eyes and looked over at Jeff. He smiled and sat up. "Oh?" BEN shook Jeff. "Hey, Jeff. Food's here."

Jeff yawned. "Awesome." He smiled and stretched his arms. The two quickly ate their dinner and put the dishes on a shelf. BEN stood up and went to his computer. "Want to watch a movie?" After no answer, BEN looked over with a worried expression. "Jeff? What's wrong?"

"I don't know." He looked down and sighed. "i just have a feeling......"

"Jane again?"

"....Yeah." He looked up. "I think something may be happening to her." Jeff said, a nervous tone in his voice. BEN smiled and jumped onto the bed, curling up next to Jeff.

"It's alright. Jane's a hard-ass. She'll be fine." BEN closed his eyes.

"....I have to get her out of there, BEN." Jeff finally said after a while. BEN's eys shot open.

"What?! After what she's done to you?!"

"I know, I know. It's crazy. But I can't shake this feeling I have. It's like something's yelling at me to go help her." He put his hands on his head. "It's driving me insane!"

"It's your sanity, Jeff. The good side of you."

"I have a good side?" Jeff questioned, confused. BEN chuckled.

"Of course you do. need to follow it." Jeff looked down at BEN.

"So, you're fine with me going?"

"Yes, but..." BEN wrapped his arms around Jeff. "Tonight you stay here. With me. Deal?"

Ch. 7! I have a policy to get at least two chapters uploaded a day, sick or not! :heart: And I took some medicine and a nap, so I'll be writing for a while!

That's right, Bros. I have some sympathy for Jane for some reason. :iconeheheplz:
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FyRose Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Hey, I looked at this again and realized that Eyeless Jack is both a supporter and protector of SleepyGameShipping. Like, it appears that Masky was about to make fun of their love, and Jack letting out a hiss of anger for doing that is mirroring the same way a protector will yell at a bully to back off, minus the hissing, or else face the consequences.
Seeing the way he is overprotective of SleepyGame, I wonder what would happen if a hater comes along and Eyeless Jack happens to be standing right behind them...........

I'm sure the results will be.......interesting.
That's why I love this chapter, I love analyzing it and Eyeless Jack is the best because he luvs "this kyute couple~".Neko Emoji-14 (Cry) [V1] 
ThePsychoYandere Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hmmm i if i were jeff i'd be like
"should i be worrying about her? hmmmmm she's kinda helpless now.... MLEH. whateves.. she can handle it"
FyRose Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Awww Jack! You ship them! Jumping up and down is the action of a fangirl/boy, so Jack is a fanboy!!!! :D
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FyRose Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
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