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January 21, 2013
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The next few weeks were incredibly peaceful. Liu moved out of the spare room and into Jack's room. Jack was happy. He finally wasn't alone. But, he was still having a hard time. He was always sure that Liu was away any time that he had to take off his mask. But, it was different this time.

Jack walked into his room and sat on his bed. He sighed. Liu and him were to be sent on a mission soon, and he didn't want last time repeated. Jack stood and walked to the mirror that was hanging on the wall. Without a single thought, he took off his mask. He could feel himself twitch, but forced himself still. He just stood there and stared, looking closely at every little cut and mark that he had gained over the years. They were just barely visible on his grey face. He was so distracted, that he didn't notice Liu walking in.

"Jack?" Liu stared, confused. "Jack!" He snapped his fingers. But Jack was completely distracted. Liu walked over to Jack and gave him a slight nudge. He jumped back when Jack suddenly shot around. Liu looked at Jack's face. This was the first time he saw his partner unmasked. Grey skin, pointed teeth, dark brown hair. Jack immediately backed up.

" no no!" He held his head. Jack felt the boiling urge to rip Liu apart. "No! He fell back and crawled away.

"Jack..." Liu walked towards him. Jack stood himself up and backed against the wall.

"Go away! I don't want to hurt you!" Even without eyes, Jack began to tear up. He smacked his head against the wall repeatedly, trying to get the deadly sensation to disappear. "No! No! No!"

"Jack! Stop!" Liu grabbed Jack and tried to stop him from hurting himself.

"No! Go away! I can't control myself without my mask! I'll hurt you!" Jack jumped when Liu placed his hands on his cheeks. Liu smiled.

"You won't hurt me. I know you won't. I trust you, Jack." Liu spoke softly. He put his hands down. "Now, come on. We have a mission to do. I'll meet you downstairs." Liu turned and ran out the door. Jack placed his own hands on his cheeks now. A light blush formed on his face.



Slender stood outside the mansion. Next to him was Hoodie, Jeff and Masky, who was shaking like crazy.

"Dude." Jeff looked over at the shaking proxy. "If you're still sick, go inside."

"I'm fine.....I'm fine....." Masky remained there. Jeff rolled his eyes and sighed. He smiled once Liu walked out.

"Hey there, bro. Ready to go?" Jeff was going with the two. It was just the three of them, since BEN had business to take care of in the Cyber Dimension. Liu smiled.

"Yep! All set!"

"Good. Where's Jack?"

"He'll be coming out soon. Oh! There he is!" Liu smiled once Jack walked out of the building. Jack froze when Liu ran towards him. "Ready to go?"

"Yeah...." Jack was happy to have his mask on, because his face was still bright red. He looked up. "Jeff's coming?"

"Yeah. He knows the area perfectly, so he'll be guiding us."

"Come on!" Jeff complained. "I wanna get back before BEN does!"

"Hold on, Jeff!" Liu smirked. "Come on, Jack." Liu grabbed Jack's hand and pulled him along. Jack smiled behind his mask, but he felt confused. His chest hurt badly and he felt shaky. The three ran through the Portal.

"Ready?" Jeff grinned.

"Of course!" Liu laughed. Jack nodded.

"Yeah..." Jack knew this feeling, and it shocked him. Jack had fallen for Liu.
Ch. 5!

Liu sees Jack's true self for the first time!

Jack realizes his true feelings!
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scarymarie Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Student Artist
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As soon as possible
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FyRose Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
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Senpai12341 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Is coming slowly ^w^'
FyRose Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Student Traditional Artist

oh okaaay. :)  I am just too excited expecting the next chapter. ^w^ How many chapters are there going to be? Is the next one you post going to be the last one? Or is there going to be more? I just can't wait!! Sorry if I sound impatient but I am just super excited!! :) ^w^

If you need any ideas, don't hesitate to ask! :)

I can't wait to see what you come up with! :) :) :)

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